Day 102: Tape & Rubber-bands


Day 102. April 11, 2012

Oh, laptop of mine, how you always have me jumping through hoops. Just another item to add to my ever-growing list of reasons technology doesn’t like me. For now I am missing my right hinge. Though, the damage to the hinge in the first place was not completely my fault. I may have placed HP in a dangerous zone on my floor where someone may not have seen it and accidentally stepped on it…but that’s not important.

All I know is that now I have two rubber-bands that hold my lid in place while I travel and a large piece of masking tape on the inside to keep it stable while in use. You know, cause of all the important cords that are now dangerously exposed and could falter at any moment leaving my screen completely black and useless without a monitor hook-up. No big deal.

It’s actually quite amusing to not only be the kid with the rubbed off,wobbly keys and temperamental touch pad, but now I’m literally holding this thing together with office supplies. But hey, it gives it character!


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