Day 105: Locked In


Day 105. April 14, 2012

The sun came out today. The temperature was up there (and it’s hot in Topeka). Sorry, that fragment reminded me of a quote. But did I get to enjoy it? Nope. Cause I decided to lock myself up in my studio class all day and work on my project. Like a real art student. And I’m glad I did. Turned out to be a pretty muggy day – gross. Probably going to come in again tomorrow and keep at it. I’ve got a pretty good thing going here, I like it lots. Perhaps tomorrow shall be a photo of my progress. I don’t really have much else to say – it was nice coming in early in the morning while the earth was still warming up. And it was peaceful being the only one in the classroom for the first few hours of work. Time always passes so quickly when there is much to be done.


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