Day 106: Local Dining Always Wins


Day 106. April 15, 2012

There are a few McMenamins here in Eugene, one of them less than a five-minute walk from my apartment. Jered and i have been there a handful of times, so on this Sunday evening not knowing what to fix for dinner, we mad e our way over to the High Street Cafe to experience a new environment. What a wonderful choice it was.

I love the 19th Street Cafe, I adore it, but it can often be crowded & rowdy on the weekends with college students hanging about. High Street, on the other hand, is quaintly nestled among other houses in its neighborhood. In my natural fashion I chose a booth off in the corner to hide away, I just like to feel cozy & safe.

Our waiter was one of the best servers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting – a true gentleman with a calm disposition matching the mood of the restaurant perfectly.

Jered ordered a burger, I a special jalapeno grilled cheese sammy. Both of us left satisfied & in good spirits.

Afterward we made our way over to Sweet Life where I tried gelato for the first time. Shared a two scoop – Irish Cream & Espresso. So. Delicious.

Local dining never lets me down.


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