Day 114: Transition


Day 114. April 23, 2012

Every few months I get a strong urge to purge my closet of nearly everything in it. I wear maybe the same ten tops, the same five cardigans, four jackets. And yet I have many more pieces. Ones that I tell myself I will wear, that when I’m older I’ll have more use for it. I talk myself out of getting rid anything in fear that once I do get rid of it I’ll miss it. How terrible, to be attached to objects useless beyond my own vain idea of what beautiful is.

I do love clothing, but even more I love clothing that I’ve made. Part of me wants to purge my closet so that I sew more in an attempt to replace what I have lost. A transition from consumer products to re-purposed and hand-crafted goods. I think I might be on to something here…


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