Day 115: Layover


Day 115. April 24, 2012

There’s a two our gap in my schedule a couple of times a week. It’s long enough that I can accomplish a bit of homework and short enough that walking home is a waste of time. So I make my way to the AAA Library, usually to write these blog posts. Like I am right now. I just snapped this photo on my way over here. Hah. I love this library, which I feel like I’ve talked about before…

It’s warm enough that I can wear my hilarious purple jeans. I got them for like four bucks in Idaho ages ago at a TJ Maxx. They are quite thin and I almost always wear tights underneath so that I have some insulation. But it’s just about spring now & they sneak out of my dresser from time to time to say hello. I’m wearing them today, can you see? They’re not very purple-y in my photo. Oh well.


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