Day 118: Mountain Adventure!


Day 118. April 27, 2012

Okay, not really a mountain adventure. Jered and I were out at his house looking through his closet for forgotten treasures when he pulled out his snowboarding gear. Of course I grabbed them all, pulled them on clumsily, and demanded he photograph me. He then proceeded to try and persuade me to someday venture out and embrace the snow with him. I laughed. He frowned. It was a heartbreaking scene. Truly. Perhaps a few years in Chicago will change my mind. And some pocket hand warmers.  But for now I’ll just play dress-up and make ridiculous faces.


2 thoughts on “Day 118: Mountain Adventure!

  1. Kristi

    If you’re not up for the snow, Don and I are going to convince you to go whitewater rafting in Maupin this August! Oh, yes you will!! 😀

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