Day 124: Cooler Than Me


Day 124. May 03, 2012

In true Oregonian fashion I bought a new pair of sunglasses – I didn’t lose my other ones, they broke. And I knew eventually they would since I paid a whopping $2.50 for them at Wet Seal. Classy, I know. But they served me well for two whole years!   Today at the UO Street Faire I decided I should shell out seven bucks to get a new pair, better than sixteen at Target for the exact same style. I find them pretty cute, pink with black zebra stripes on the temple band. But my favorite feature is the mirrored lens. I’ve never had mirrored shades before and it makes me feel pretty cool. And protected.

But now it’s been a while since I bought them and I don’t know if it was such a good idea. I’m trying to purge my closet of modern styles and getting new sunglasses would have been the perfect opportunity to find something with a vintage flair. Jered tells me I’m being silly. I can always buy another pair. The thing is, I don’t want another pair. One is plenty. We have too many possessions, us Americans. Eheh. But that’s a whole other post…


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