Day 125: Baking 101


Day 125. May 04, 2012

Today I baked a strawberry apple pie for my good friend Brian. It was his birthday some time ago, but he was off in Kansas having his own fun. I could not  simply let his birthday go uncelebrated here in Oregon! The pie turned out quite lovely, a definite repeat in my book, though I need to keep tweaking my pie crust recipe. I am not a fan of using Crisco or any other kind of vegetable shortening in my crust, so I am constantly looking for alternatives. I know there has to be something out there that will give me the airy, flaky crust I desire! My pie crusts have wonderful flavor, but tend to be on the dense side, more appropriate for a tart I think. Perhaps it is my use of half white, have unbleached flour. Maybe an almond flour would be something to try? Or a rice flour?  To the interwebs I will venture!


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