Day 129: No One Likes You, Mackenzie


Day 129. May 08, 2012

I love it when labs are announced as optional. Now I’m talking digital arts lab, here, nothing too exciting. But anyway – I love it especially when the lab is my 6 to 8 PM lab in Mackenzie. Not only do I not have to trek across campus to shiver in the dungeon of Mackenzie, but I also don’t have to sit bored for two hours while listening to a Photoshop tutorial I already know about. I enjoy my class – the lectures are fantastic and the projects are engaging. But in the end, it’s still an introductory digital arts class. I’m actually surprised I remember everything I learned back in high school. And even more so that everything I learned in high school is still relevant for this class. So here I am hanging out at Onyx working on my project in the comfort of Jered’s room, and by working I mean stumbling. I have great time management skills.


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