Day 132: Birthday Cupcakes


Day 132. May 11, 2012

Birthdays are such a blessing to celebrate, especially when it is not my own! I wish so badly that I could bake treats for all of my friends on their special day, but sadly most of them are too far away. But today – today is the birthday of a sweet girl who lives just minutes away & when I learned it was her birthday I knew I had to whip up something special for her.

A few moths back I found a delightful recipe that makes only two cupcakes. Perfect for those nights when you crave something sweet, but don’t want the temptation of the rest of the batch for the next week. I didn’t have the ingredients to make my favorite cream cheese frosting on hand so I opted to dress up my version of the recipe, a whole-wheat cinnamon cupcake,  with a bit of my homemade chocolate syrup which I tweaked just a bit so that it wasn’t as runny. Half an hour in the freezer helped set up the chocolate to keep it from spilling down the cupcake, too. Good helping of sprinkles and viola! A quick, easy birthday treat anyone will love.


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