Day 149: Another Post About Packing… & Laundry


Day 149. May 28, 2012

I greatly dislike objects that won’t fit nicely in a box. And as I pack they slowly add up to create a new pile, an organized mess of sorts. I ended up having to place these oddly shaped objects in my closet, hiding them behind the large sliding doors. If I cannot see them they simply do not exist. Right? *Sigh* Why can’t things just be neat & tidy, fit perfectly together. And by “things” I mean “life”. Life. I’m not one who is looking to live a boring life, quite the opposite. But does it have to be such a struggle? I seem to be stuck in a continual wash cycle labeled “crisis“. Just when I think I might be moving on the the rinse cycle, overcoming my present obstacle, life tumbles me around for another nauseating round – never done with the torturous wash cycle. I’m ready for the rinse cycle. Please.


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