Day 150: Chive Blossoms


Day 150. May 29, 2012

I recently discovered that for many years I have been mistaking chive blossoms for clover blooms. When I took this photo I was thinking about clover. Beautiful clover.

Clover is a beautiful thing. And a whimsical flower in my mind thanks to Dr. Seuss.

His work is wonderful, to think in such an imaginative way. To reach beyond reality, all the wonders that already exist, and create a new realm of towns, characters, and rules. And every single story is packed full of lessons to learn, no matter the reader’s age. So much wisdom in such a small package. I’ve learned more from Dr. Seuss than any other piece of fictional writing. Not many authors can have that effect on an audience. A timeless set of stories, lasting for generations.


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