Day 153: Prancing


June 01, 2012

One week left. One week from now & three years of college will be behind me. Sometimes it doesn’t seem real. To look over the events that have taken place – the shadow of  my eighteen year old self couldn’t imagine it. I came in to school believing I could not pursue a degree in art, that it was an unrealistic idea – no money could be made in art. Instead I had set my eyes on psychology – to become a child counselor. A noble goal, yes. But no amount of “realistic” thinking would transform logic into passion. It only took my first one-hundred level psych class to realize I needed to find a different major. I wandered for another year & a half without a focus, simply notching off pre-req classes as I went along. Winter of 2010/11 is when I woke up. When I took a chance on myself and applied for the Digital Arts program.

And they accepted me.

Thus began my life as a full-time art student. Completely submerged in drawing, design, & art history. I’ve never felt this much passion in my entire existence. I never want to stop. Weeks go by too quickly, the number of projects not nearly enough. I love being an art student. And I love being surrounded by such creativity.


One thought on “Day 153: Prancing

  1. Kristi

    You will do it, young lady, because you CAN! You must never give up your determination, motivation and passion to become what you want to become. The only thing that can defeat you is YOU! Be patient, pray a lot, let those who love you support you, and it WILL happen! Sending love from Eugene…. 🙂

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