Day 154: Crouching Tiger


June 02, 2012

It’s fun to build a high wall of boxes to hide behind. Instantly they create a secret space that is yours alone. It is reasonable to say that nearly everyone wants their own space, a place where they can feel at peace. Safe.

Being the only girl in my family, I was privileged enough to have my own room. I could tuck myself away from the rest of the world. In this very moment as I type this out I’m trying to think back upon my childhood to pull memories & I’m having a difficult time. Say we can remember as far back as age three or four, that’s almost eighteen years of memories I should have stored away, yet most of them are foggy & partial.

Perhaps that’s why I’m obsessed with photography. Photos never let you forget. I don’t want to forget these years. They are pivotal in molding who I am into who I’m want to be. I don’t want to forget these years…


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