Day 181: My Lazy Dog


Day 181. June 29, 2012

Bailey is a spoiled old lady. She sleeps in my bed every night and refuses to get out of it until I remove her myself when I fold it up in the morning. And on weekends I usually put off stripping my blankets till late into the morning. Lazy, lazy dog. She hates getting her photo taken so they always come out with some kind of tortured expression, like I neglect her or something. Miss Queen Bee neglected? Never. I do love that she is almost always willing to snuggle with me, though it usually means her head is somewhere on my lap interfering with typing. I do dislike to brush her aside, but can’t rest her head on my keyboard. I sometimes find random numbers and symbols among my words, changed preferences and edits in Lightroom. Oh, Bailey. You silly old lady, my cranky little doggie. She’s quite old now, turned 13 this last February. She’s one animal I will actually miss when she passes. Look at that face. Freckled and tired, but still stinkin’ adorable.


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