Day 182: Crème Brûlée & Converse


Day 182. June 30, 2012

Today is a GREAT DAY! Jered is here! To see me! And give me kisses! Ohhhhh yeah.

Eh-heh. Sorry. I’m just a tad bit excited. We drove to Portland to enjoy a cup of Stumptown & ended up people watching in Pioneer Courthouse Square. It was quite lovely. I got my fix of watching cute children, Jered enjoyed laughing at me – in the really sweet kind of way, of course. We stopped on our way back home to see my sister Lindsay, too. It only took a year and a half of us dating but she finally met Jered! Baha.

Tonight was another night of firsts. I successfully made Shrimp Pad Thai. Amazing dish. Easy dish. The most difficult part was removing all the shrimp tails, which really isn’t that hard – super easy, friends! Annnnd I made crème brûlée for Jered and I! Though with the amount of homemade snickers we had earlier, we ended up sharing one ramekin and giving my parents the other to share. Aw, how sweet.

I have never made nor eaten crème brûlée before and I gotta say – it is delicious. I was super impatient and didn’t let them set up all the way ( I started making this at 7:00 PM and could not be expected to wait a whole four hours) before caramelizing the sugar so it was still really loose in texture, but scrumptious none-the-less. Another easy recipe to make, I encourage you to try it! I can definitely see this becoming one of our favorite special treats.


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