Day 183: Sneaky, Sneaky


Day 183. July 1, 2012

Happy July! Bah. That’s actually kind of terrifying. Anyway, I started off the new month by skipping church and hunting baby kittens in the barn before Jered headed back to Eugene this morning. A few tears pulled a surprise attack on me as he pulled out of the driveway – those sneaky little things. I didn’t expect them and of course it angered me that they showed up at all. Not cool, guys. He’s only a couple hours away – sigh. I strongly dislike my brain sometimes. Overreacting & causing inner conflict, she really needs to get a grip.

In other news… it’s still terribly overcast and non-summer like , which irks me a bit. But I suppose I would rather have mild & somewhat warm days than any amount of scorching heat. Of course now that I’ve written it down the weather is sure to change. Hah.


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