Day 188: Affectionate Noodles


Day 188. July 06, 2012

One of the few pasta dishes that I love is homemade mac and cheese. It’s easy to guess that the reason for loving mac and cheese has to do with the latter partner in the title. Seriously, the possibilities of the different cheese combinations is quite possibly endless. Tonight, however I kept it simple with a colby, cheddar mix – there are a few select men in the family who don’t care for experimental food but instead cling to what they grew up with. I can respect that and often times I try to make dishes that I hope they’ll at least try without immediately turning their noses away.

I think it was a success. Grandpa even asked for me to e-mail him the recipe. I think the winning attribute was the crushed up homemade garlic croutons as the bread crumb topping. It added a little extra…pizazz.


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