Day 189: Special Delivery


Day 189. July 07, 2012

“Make me this sign.” Aaron ordered me a few days ago. Those of you who have seen Die Hard understand the reference, those who don’t will just have to watch the film.

I had been meaning to since then, but in true character I kept putting it off. I remembered this morning when my body woke me up at 6:00 AM that Aaron leaves before 7:00 for work. I hurried to create a replica sign, though not exact it’s pretty good for having been completed in twenty-ish minutes. It wouldn’t be until 14 hours later that I learned of how useful it turned out to be.

Adam returned today from his four week stay in Germany “training” for his job. Not so much training happened, I’ve been told. But lots of photos were taken, a special screening of them is to come in the near future. And lots of alcohol & chocolate to share with the family.

I was excited to hear what Adam thought of our clever sign.

Aaron left it in the front seat.

All my hard work.

For nothing.


I had imagined the looks of people walking past in the airport, those who comprehended the reference and enjoyed the lightheartedness of the joke. Didn’t happen.

But. Sigh. But then this happened. Violet squirmed & cried for joy when she saw her boy come home. And the sign didn’t matter so much anymore.


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