Day 190: Dash of Vanilla


Day 190. July 08, 2012

Pancakes. Pancakes taste terrible. I think they make them that way so that we’ll smother them in sugary syrups. How is this a “good” breakfast? I always add in spices to my pancake mix to give it some sort of life. And my favorite topping, after grandma’s syrup, is mama’s applesauce. A refreshing mix to the dull, sometimes dry pancake texture. There have got to be better pancake recipes out there. I hate using boxed ingredients, especially when I know a scratch version would be just as easy to put together. It’s more a matter of trial and error that I don’t want to go through, especially when I’m cooking for five or six people. Tiny batches will have to be made and my official taster must be present. To the search engine I go!


One thought on “Day 190: Dash of Vanilla

  1. Kristi

    Try a sourdough pancake or buckwheat for more flavor. Have you ever tried using a sourdough starter? So healthy because of the soaked, fermented grains! And I love the flavor of sourdough! Jered LOVES pumpkin pancakes too – with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, they smell like pumpkin pie in a pancake! 🙂

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