The End of It All


It’s finally over. Six days ago another chapter closed, another year in the past. And with 2012 in the past, so is my 366. I still may post days & recall my thoughts for those days. Maybe.

I just looked through my entire collection. And again I am left with similar feelings when my first 365 project came to an end. Relief. But for the second time now the morning of  January 1st began with thoughts of what my photo would be. A portion of me was depressed that I didn’t have a reason to catalog the day.

I no longer have a project to work on. To worry about. To be frustrated & annoyed by. To love. To remember the days that so easily would be forgotten if a photo weren’t taken. And without those logs how likely am I to forget even the most subtle events. But do they need to be remembered? I laugh at the idea of  attempting another year of photos. But two years from now I’ll probably feel that itch again. And I’ll probably be foolish enough to think “this time will be different”.


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