Just call ’em Flat Stanley




23 January 2013

I made donuts for the first time as the birthday desert for my brother Adam. He didn’t have an idea of what he wanted, so I chose for him. They’re not difficult to make. But I enjoyed eating the dough a lot more than the finished product. They just turned out really dense. And flat. I’m sure I worked the dough too much. But the overall flavor was appealing.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of traditional birthday cakes. And big chain store bought deserts are not welcome. Halfway through making these little guys I thought about cupcakes, I could make cupcakes blindfolded. But since I have hundreds of recipes sitting on Pinterest, I thought I should put them to use. If we do not try, how will we ever know?

The good: They’re pretty easy to make. And kinda adorable. They’re whole wheat. And organic. And are tasty plain, with cinnamon sugar, or with a simple chocolate icing. Sprinkles are mandatory if you ice them. Just saying.

The bad: They’re still donuts. Which means oil. And I’m not a fan of frying anything. I’d like to try and bake them in the oven just to see what happens. Perhaps they’ll bake more like donut shaped muffins? Perhaps they will be more moist? And stand taller? Another trial must commence!


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