Tuesday Rambles


Sometimes I just want to write.

About nothing and everything all at once. There is so much I want to do, but so little  I feel I can accomplish. What other semi-cliche & vague sentences can I write?

At the beginning of the year I started the process of opening an Etsy store. And then I realized I needed to actually make things to sell. And I hit a roadblock. Because what can I make that isn’t already out there? That someone would actually want to buy? I’m not proficient enough in anything for it to be marketable. But at some point I just have to try it out & see what happens.

I wish it were summer time. Then I could set up an outdoor studio and spend my time listening to The Beatles & Foreigner and create. Without worrying about making too much of a mess on the dining room table & feeling the need for it to be all picked up and shoved back into my cave before 4 pm.

I’m addicted to Pinterest. And I’ve completely derailed from a “normal” sleep cycle. I used to love being awake at 2 am – the world is quiet at 2 am – unless of course it’s Thirsty Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Silly college students and their need to waste away their evenings partying with strangers & drinking till they’re numb. But those were the days when I was in 5 art classes & constantly working on a project. It’s still quiet at 2 am. But now it feels daunting. And I’m left feel guilty.


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