Anberlin: 2013 Vital Tour


01 March 2013

I have been waiting years to see Anberlin live. And a few months ago when I saw they were coming to Portland I shared the good news with Jered immediately & he declared it to be a late two-year anniversary present for us. Isn’t he the best? Always making my life dreams come true, he is.

Their newest album Vital is by far my favorite from them. Though, really, their previous albums are all fantastic. Since Jered bought us the tickets, I bought us the album & from the very first listen through I knew I was madly in love. Seriously, give them a listen. They remind me of other alt rock bands I love, but at the same time no one else sounds like them. Anberlin has their own unique sound. No one else sings like Stephen Christian or plays like Joseph Milligan. Every member is so talented – and seeing them all live was nothing short of beautiful.

Well, no surprise – they put on an amazing show & it was more than worth the wait. The best aspect of the whole night was the venue – the Hawthorne Theatre. With its classic Portland charm the whole performance was much more intimate compared to a giant stadium concert. It was a gathering of one hundred mutually enthralled fans rather than a few thousand complete strangers. 

A few attempts near the front were made to start a mosh pit, but the agoraphobic in me stayed safely in the back to prevent any sort of unnecessary thrashing. Sadly, my energy level was not anywhere near where I foresaw it being. I yawned. On multiple occasions. But on the inside I was so excited. I just couldn’t express it to the best of my abilities. This means I simply need to see them again. 

I only took these two shots because my little Nikon doesn’t do well in low light settings & the shutter speed struggles to keep up with even the most slow-moving objects. The humorous part – I was the only person taking photos with a camera. Phoneography is upon us…sigh.




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