07 March 2013

Don’t share drinks with people, okay kids? Or steal sips from someone’s beer when they’re not looking. Or even if they are looking. But just don’t care enough to stop you. The bottom line is: don’t share drinks.

I may or may not have a cold right now. Because I stole a sip of beer from my brother’s glass a couple days ago. I was fully aware of his sickness. And yet the red flag didn’t wave as I picked up that heavy cylinder to taste a brew crafted in Alaska. And now my throat has grown hoarse from the involuntary coughing to clear an ever-present tickle that perks up with every inhale of stale air.

But the sun came out today. And I didn’t feel so terrible. So I grabbed my sketchbook, brewed myself a hot cup of lemon-honey tea, and called the dogs out to play. I set up camp in the front yard & chose to ignore the intermittent passing of vehicles that usually deter me from spending too long out front. Jack asked nicely for me to throw the ball & he fetched it enthusiastically each time – whether I threw it across the yard or merely a foot from my resting spot.

The fresh air was sweet & pure. The sun welcoming, warming my pale skin in its friendly glow. But the best part of all was my bare feet in the lush green grass. Feeling the cool, soft soil  beneath my soles, contrasting the warmth of the sun. I imagine the peacefulness & rejuvenation I felt might be comparable to soaking in a lovely lavender scented bath.

At one point during my time in the grass I was startled to find something slithering across my sketchbook. After a quick jolt, I realized it was only a large earth worm wishing to say hello. We had a lovely chat about the weather while I took some photos of him, but I warned him not to stay above ground for too long since there were birds fluttering about. I would hate to see my new friend get eaten so early on in the season.

I could have spent all afternoon outside, I believe. But after being spooked a second time by a vine brushing my leg while taking photos I decided my skittish tendencies would not let my heart alone, so I packed up my things & called to animals back indoors. Please visit my photography blog to see the full collection of photos I took today! Go on, I know you want to.


3 thoughts on “Earthing

  1. Kristi

    FYI Becca, there are actually studies done that prove earthing improves one’s health by connecting you to the Earth’s energy. The best way to do it is to walk in your bare feet, but some people even buy expensive earthing pads for their office chairs and beds. Good for you! God gave us this great earth to take care of and enjoy, not to destroy. 🙂

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