Day 225: Best Friend


August 12, 2012

The most patient man in the world, ladies & gentlemen. I try not to ask too often for him to participate in taking photos with me, but with our time together being few & far between these days I want to make the most of it. Taking pictures with him make those precious hours last days beyond our goodbyes. Today was my last day in Eugene, so it was now or never to venture out & snap some photos.

It’s much more difficult to take photos with someone than to just take photos alone. I feel pressured to know exactly what I want to do & worry that I take too long, take too many shots in basically the same pose. It’s times like these when I look forward to the day of finally earning a new camera…and a remote. But he is a good man – better than I deserve, honestly. He’s always patient, always understanding. I kinda like him. Just a little bit.