Day 182: Crème Brûlée & Converse


Day 182. June 30, 2012

Today is a GREAT DAY! Jered is here! To see me! And give me kisses! Ohhhhh yeah.

Eh-heh. Sorry. I’m just a tad bit excited. We drove to Portland to enjoy a cup of Stumptown & ended up people watching in Pioneer Courthouse Square. It was quite lovely. I got my fix of watching cute children, Jered enjoyed laughing at me – in the really sweet kind of way, of course. We stopped on our way back home to see my sister Lindsay, too. It only took a year and a half of us dating but she finally met Jered! Baha.

Tonight was another night of firsts. I successfully made Shrimp Pad Thai. Amazing dish. Easy dish. The most difficult part was removing all the shrimp tails, which really isn’t that hard – super easy, friends! Annnnd I made crème brûlée for Jered and I! Though with the amount of homemade snickers we had earlier, we ended up sharing one ramekin and giving my parents the other to share. Aw, how sweet.

I have never made nor eaten crème brûlée before and I gotta say – it is delicious. I was super impatient and didn’t let them set up all the way ( I started making this at 7:00 PM and could not be expected to wait a whole four hours) before caramelizing the sugar so it was still really loose in texture, but scrumptious none-the-less. Another easy recipe to make, I encourage you to try it! I can definitely see this becoming one of our favorite special treats.


Day 181: My Lazy Dog


Day 181. June 29, 2012

Bailey is a spoiled old lady. She sleeps in my bed every night and refuses to get out of it until I remove her myself when I fold it up in the morning. And on weekends I usually put off stripping my blankets till late into the morning. Lazy, lazy dog. She hates getting her photo taken so they always come out with some kind of tortured expression, like I neglect her or something. Miss Queen Bee neglected? Never. I do love that she is almost always willing to snuggle with me, though it usually means her head is somewhere on my lap interfering with typing. I do dislike to brush her aside, but can’t rest her head on my keyboard. I sometimes find random numbers and symbols among my words, changed preferences and edits in Lightroom. Oh, Bailey. You silly old lady, my cranky little doggie. She’s quite old now, turned 13 this last February. She’s one animal I will actually miss when she passes. Look at that face. Freckled and tired, but still stinkin’ adorable.

Day 180: A Few Too Many Eggs


Day 180. June 28, 2012

Summer is in full bloom & we’ve got a pretty serious surplus of eggs here at home. I took to the internet in search of ideas of recipes with high egg content. First I made some chocolate peanut butter pudding. And I’m thinking of taking my chances with crème brûlée when Jered visits. But today I took my chances on some delightful lemon meringues. In the past I never really cared for them, they resembled something closer to packing peanuts than any type of dessert. But this recipe turned out quite well. And they are just adorable, don’t you think?

Day 163: Green Apple Experiment


June 11, 2012

Feeding your animals candy isn’t a great idea. But it’s really funny to watch.

Jack eats like an infant. No matter what it is you give him. A carrot. A tomato (those are the worst) . Even an ice cube. He licks & tentatively begins to bite down with this back teeth, but lets it drop to the ground before anything more than a shallow puncture wound is created. Then he will repeat this process until small bits of food are scattered like confetti on the kitchen floor.

Day 161: So Long Eugene


June 09, 2012

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go
I’m standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

Oh Peter, Paul, & Mary. How I love you.

Welp. It’s moving day. So long Eugene, I don’t know when I’ll be back again. I really do hate to go. I’ll miss walking the city streets, meandering through the Saturday market – drooling over the fresh produce & wheel-thrown pottery. I’ll miss strolling through campus when there’s no one around. The welcoming warmth of Roma & intoxicating aroma of espresso beans. I’ll miss driving out to the country with Jered, far away from the overcrowded university to spend the weekend with his family, my home away from home. I’ll miss you Lawrence Hall – my sanctuary. My mecca.


So many things to miss.

Day 160: The Hats Have It


June 08, 2012

Until very recently I used to view myself as a person who loves to look at hats, but cannot wear them. Then one day I placed this crochet beret-type cap atop my head & fell in love. I own three other hats, two cloches & a fedora I stole adopted from Jered. It just takes guts to wear them. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to putting an “outfit” together. I typically only wear one piece of jewelry, either a necklace or a bracelet & I hardly ever wear earrings anymore. Mostly because my ears have become sensitive to my entire collection & buying jewelry is not on my list of things I need. And now that I have hats, I need not even think of putting anything on my ears!