Day 91: Asian Pear


Day 91. March 31, 2012

There’s a giant, lovely pear tree that grows on my parent’s property. In the fall its branches grow heavy, weighed down by the ripe fruit ready for picking. I remember a couple years back spending a couple hours out with my parents in the back of dad’s truck plucking pears into several buckets, overflowing until we could not reach any higher. After picking more hours of labor were spent turning the fruit into mouth watering pear sauce, exactly the same routine as apple sauce.

Of course right now there is no fruit to sample or throw into the field for the horses to chase after. But there are blossoms, fresh green blossoms still closed up in the cool spring weather. I imagine within just a few short weeks they will unfold in the dainty way that they do, so small and fragile. Their soft color contrasting beautifully against the bright blue spring sky. How glorious that sight will be.


Day 90: Forever In My Future


Day 90. March 30, 2012

When my grandparents moved away in 2009, my grandmother left me a few of her possessions, one of them being her Japanese China. I had admired the set for years, fascinated by the hand-painted details, enchanted by the simple white & silver palette. I’ve never been one too inclined by the idea of wedding china – the expense, the fragility, the lack of use. So when she told me I could have them I was thrilled. Not only by the idea that I’ll never have to buy my own china, but that I will have hers, a piece of her past forever in my future.

Day 89: Jack-Jack Attack


Day 89. March 29, 2012

This. Is Jack. Say hello, Jack. At just over a year old, he is far from cuddly puppy size. Yet with his brother and sisters being miniature dachshunds Jack is convinced he too is a lap dog. Isn’t he adorable? When he’s not jumping up on me, licking any visible skin, or rubbing his itchy butt on my feet – I’d agree with you. He is most adorable when he’s sleeping, unsurprisingly.  Mom says in the evening he jumps up in her chair with her looking to be coddled. I witnessed it a few nights ago – kind of hilarious.

Those are the kind of moments I’d love to capture. More often than not he wiggles in some way before the shutter can flutter, leaving most shots blurred or unrecognizable parts of dog. But today he was being a very good boy for me when I chose to pull my camera out. He likes to sneak in real close on it, sniffing all over, causing the lens to fog slightly. His curiosity fades quickly considering he can’t chew, eat, or lick it – so my shots must be quick and precise.

Today I walked in on him sitting on the couch alone watching TV & it cracked me up. I will have to post the photo below so that you also can laugh at him. To me Jack is my little bear cub, he looks & acts a lot more like a bear than a dog. Just look how he’s sitting:

Hot stuff, am I right? Oh, Jack….I love you.

Day 88: Beginner’s Mistake


Day 88. March 28, 2012

Whenever I work with knives I fear the worst in my head – taking the tip of my finger off, a misstep in the kitchen leading to a knife through my torso – you know, the normal worries. I’ve had a phobia with knives for as long as I can remember. It took me years to gain enough confidence to work with anything sharper than a butter knife. But I overcame my irrational fears simply through exposure. Taking each slice, every chop at my own pace until my comfort grew. Now only the freak accident fears reside within me, creeping into my conscience every once in a while.

One instrument I’ve never really had a problem with are graters, zesters, and the like. I’ve brushed against them during use, caught my finger nails, sure. But never anything as serious as to demand a bandage. Until today. When my thumb knuckle came into contact with our Microplane (which I am absolutely in love with) while zesting a lemon for a recipe. It was kind of hilarious to see the blood coming to the surface in tiny little dots, as if a dozen pins had pricked me in unison. And to see the nearly perfect circle created from the missing skin layers. The pain is nothing above any other shallow cut, more annoying than anything else. The Hello Kitty Band-aid helps with that.

Day 87: Beyond Reach


Day 87. March 27, 2012

Oh hey. Another post with the horses. I know, original. But I really loved both shots & I have several things I can ramble about when it comes to these furry friends. What I find most comical about their habits is how they try to reach their muzzles through the fence to chomp on the long grass just beyond their reach. They’ve mowed down every inch along the fence, but the rain cannot make it grow back fast enough to combat their never-ending grazing.

Day 86: Put the Lime in the Coconut


Day 86. March 26, 2012

Freshly squeezed juice is one of the few things in life that cannot be replicated. The rush of bitter sweet aroma released with a single cut of the blade. The cool pulp sticking to my digits, juices running freely. Enough citrus cannot be purchased to satisfy my everlasting cravings.

But even deeper than my taste buds’ love affair, I adore the appearance of citrus – the bumpy exterior, segmented interior, rich natural colors. Produce in general is always a beautiful subject for photography. It can be manipulated in ways that other live objects cannot. And when the light hits it just right….my goodness I’m in love.

Day 85: Equus Ferus Caballus


Day 85. March 25, 2012

Horses can be fascinating creatures. With their sleek figures, flowing manes, and dark eyes – it’s difficult not to become lost in their unique beauty.

Horses can also be a huge pain. Stubborn, greedy, impatient. Tossing their massive heads in annoyance, digging up the earth beneath their powerful hooves with every stride. Visitors tend to be overly excited by the animals we own, I’ve never fully understood it. Sure, most people have never spent time outside city limits or seen a horse outside of a parade. But it’s not like they’re unicorns – magical & unique.

To me they are intriguing not for their rarity in my everyday life but for their beauty. Their soft, warm muzzles. The way their coats shine in the sunlight. Their intelligence. Horses are wonderful creatures to study.