Day 315: Now Artisan Baker


10 November 2012

I am an avid baker & recipe risk-taker. And I am no stranger to baking up a warm loaf of bread. But today I tried my hand at making a “sophisticated” loaf of artisan style bread.

I tracked down our bakestone (aka pizza stone), gave it a nice wash, and got to work. What’s really wonderful is that I made my dough a couple days ago, so all I had to do was pluck a bit from my large batch in my fridge, form a lovely ball, & let it rise for 40 minutes. Dusted it with flour, slashed it, & into the oven for 30 minutes.

This was a simple wheat dough with some wheat bran tossed in for extra goodness, but it was still delicious. Especially before it cooled completely with a swipe of butter on it. Mm. I’m definitely excited to incorporate some different spices & herbs with my next loaf in the coming days.