Bad Wolf: A Doctor Who Halloween


Halloween is just a few days away! Who is excited?!

Okay. So…Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I’m not a fan of the whole “being scared” ordeal any time of the year, but especially during the month of October. I can’t get on board with haunted corn maze “fun” or really anything that has the word “haunted” or “spooky” in the title. And forget about television – there’s always a horror film ad waiting to send me cowering under the covers with my ears plugged & eyes squeezed shut until those thirty seconds have finally passed. I just can’t do it. I’ve tried. But luckily, that’s not what October is all about. There are plenty of wonderful things that October brings with its crisp wind & changing colors. I love homemade pies, decorating the house with friendly pumpkins, candy corn, & tiny tissue ghosts, and anything pumpkin. Last week I made chicken enchiladas with a pumpkin sauce…my goodness it was delicious, thank you Martha. I love warming teas, knee high socks, and cozy scarves. Fall is a wonderful, wonderful time of the year.

Now back to Halloween! I’m spending the week down in Eugene with the boyfriend & our friends. So I actually had a reason for creating a costume this year! And I get to answer the door and see all the little truffles dressed up, too! I’m pretty excited. I am a huge fan of homemade costumes, and I haven’t purchased a costume from the store since the sixth grade. But I’ve never fully created my own costume from scratch before. And I’m pretty excited to share with you what I came up with.

We went to a party this last Friday & it was a great success. Here I am with my Doctor when we got home. (His suit jacket really wasn’t that short, I promise)

Doctor & TARDIS

My obsession for Doctor Who cannot be summed up with any amount of adjectives. My love, addiction, my complete enthrallment in what has become a culture of its own is far beyond anything described as a simple fandom. Never in my life have I loved any character as much as I love The Doctor. Never have I wept over the misfortunes of a character’s life, rejoiced in his triumphs, or longed to comfort him in the darkest of times. The entire staff of Doctor Who is beyond brilliant & to be a part of the creative team would be a dream come true. I am 100% Whovian.

So naturally, this year it was only right that I express my complete devotion to The Doctor by personifying his TARDIS. And naturally, the boyfriend would play my Doctor. I love all the Doctors, but I love David Tennant most. So my costume is influenced by the Tennant era. How could I not?

Tennant is Adorable

So here she is – my TARDIS costume.  My universe waistcoat is an altered thrifted linen blazer that I hand painted (a more in-depth post on just how I did that is on the way). My dress started out as a floor length velvet skirt. And my top hat was created from scratch. (Threadbanger has a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own mini hat!) I also found my blue shoes in nearly new condition at my local thrift store.  For my legs, I layered a pair of grey tights with a loose knit patterned tight over top. I created the “bad wolf” graffiti out of felt that I painted and hand-stitched it on. And I printed the police box door sign onto fabric to create a pocket. I curled my hair with a 1/4 inch barrel. It only took 3/4 of “The Mask of Zorro” to curl all my locks. The finishing touch was my house key turned TARDIS key hanging from my neck.

TARDIS costume-4TARDIS costumeTARDIS costume-2TARDIS costume-3


Cat Lady Status: The Beginning


You guys. I’m obsessed with my cats. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out my photography blog where I shared photos of them last month before beginning my campaign for find new homes. My babies are outdoor kitties – they were born in one of our stalls & I instantly fell in love . Naturally, they have become quite familiar with the property & enjoy exploring. They particularly like to visit the goats & use their pen as a giant litter box. It’s pretty adorable. But honestly, I think our relationship has reached the stage in which the term “cat lady” can be used freely. And these are my reasons why.

1. I think about them all the time. Most of it is wondering what they’re doing, if they’re comfortable, if they have enough food to eat. Whether or not they’ve ventured too far away and won’t be able to find their way home. If they’ve gotten hurt. 

2. I miss them the second they leave my sight. Even if we’re playing a game of chase the baling twine in the barn and they happen to run behind my legs – in that split second I can’t see them – seriously. It’s bad. 

3. I’ve smuggled them into the house just so I can snuggle with them. Cats aren’t allowed indoors…but my kittens aren’t just ANY joe-schmoe cats. They are three of the most adorable creatures that have ever lived. And they love snuggle time. Take that all you  tumblrs filled with adorable animal photos and GIFs. I don’t need you.   

4. I’m writing this post. 

5. Nearly all of my photos on my phone are of them. I look at them all the time. And I share them openly with my friends like a woman new to motherhood. Because babies are freaking cute, everyone. And we must look at them. All. The. Time. I’m so glad babies exist. All babies. Baby humans, baby animals. All babies are cute.

6. Look. At. Them.


Meet Cheese.  She loves to cuddle & is very mild-tempered. Not even Jack, our blue heeler, bothers her. Her favorite activity besides cuddling & sun bathing is following behind you wherever you go like a little shadow. Look at her itty-bitty paws! Eeeek!
Paws of Cheese


This is my sweet Turk.
His full name is Turkleton (after Donald Faison’s character on Scrubs – enjoy the clip).

He’s my adventure kitty. He loves to explore, climb, & jump, And he loves playing with baling twine. His favorite place to be is on my shoulders, cuddling with his mama. My heart gushes over just how stinking cute he is.

Turk & Pumpkins

And this…this is Octavia. Isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve kept her a bit of a secret because  she was one I planned on keeping from the start. She’s scared of everything. And is very picky about when cuddling is something she’s on board with. A lot of the time it’s not. But the boyfriend loves her. And so she definitely shall be his cat. At least she lets me take photos of her. Octavia

I should probably get a cat sweater soon. The End.

Feeling Particularly Irish


After nine months without coloring my hair I’m finally a redhead again. And it feels so good. When I decided to leave my brunette days behind me two birthdays ago I was taking a risk; plunging into the first hours of my birthday with new locks.

Now being a redhead is fantastic. I could live the rest of my days this way. But with every application over the months I’ve grown to hate my use of this commercial, chemical dye. I feed my body whole foods & I apply only natural ingredients on my skin.

Honestly, I felt like a hypocrite with every purchase. It was as if every box was lined with a dusting of guilt, and with every new box the guilt grew a bit more.

How can I talk of the importance of natural health when I’m poisoning my body with every application? When I’m supporting the industry I openly oppose with every purchase?

So I made the decision to quit the box. And for nine months I went without.

There were the few awkward months of noticeable roots. When I would find myself at the store standing in the isle of coloring agents, staring longingly at my favorite green box. I’d stare at the price tag. Pick up the box. Turn it over in my hands, feeling the slickness of the label. Take a couple quick steps, before my right hand could figure out what my left was doing. Then came the reprimand, where I’d make myself turn around, putting it back begrudgingly. All the while muttering under my breath, arguing with myself.
And repeat.
Two or three times.

Yeah. I was a little desperate. And I’m sure there were other women in the isle who thought I might be a tad crazy.

But after a while the vibrancy of my red faded & turned into a cool ombré effect that was super popular last summer. And for a couple months I forgot that I missed my red hair.

Then September snuck up on me & I remembered my red hair experiment two birthdays ago. For the last year or so I have been contemplating switching to a completely natural hair dye: henna. But at the time it was easier to stick with my favorite green box because I knew it worked. I knew what I was getting every single time.

Last week I decided to find out if I could leave my green box behind for good. I bought a tub of Rainbow brand henna in Persian Red online. There were no “example” pictures, no indication to what color might procure other than the title & its one ingredient: red henna. It comes in a lovely tub, in powder form. The application was a little different, finding the right consistency – the ratio of powder & water – took a bit of time. It smelled lovely, like freshly brewed tea. And looked like melted chocolate. I managed not to stain my skin at all, thanks to my mama who took the time to apply it for me. The booklet suggested a bit over an hour for setting without heat, I disregarded that & contemplated sleeping with it in since it was already seven in the evening. In the end I couldn’t stand the wait. I needed to know if there was red hiding beneath the thick chocolate mask.

And there was. A beautiful, natural shade of red. Almost exactly what my green box gave me.

And I’m so happy. My eyes even turned green as I washed the henna out. It was pretty magical.

The only downside of henna is that it fades within 6 weeks, washing out slowly from the hair. Where a permanent color fades, but sticks around. The henna I bought was a few dollars cheaper than the green box (which is what ultimately caused me to pull the trigger). I’m hoping to find my new favorite henna locally, paying five dollars in shipping for a 4 oz tub is ridiculous. I’m all about the savings.

Anyway. That’s my henna story. I have no excuses now when it comes to coloring my hair. And it is really, really simple to do. And so worth knowing that I’m not harming my body anymore. Yay for natural beauty!


The Hurry & The Harm


I find myself currently obsessed with City and Colour‘s newest album “The Hurry and The Harm“. On this particular evening it is a lovely compliment to the Oregon rain echoing just outside my open bedroom window. A few times through the album & I couldn’t sit still any longer. It has been a long time since I’ve stepped in front of the camera – varying levels of inadequacy have kept me away. But for tonight the poetry of Dallas Green has coaxed me out of hiding.


Earth Day


It’s amazing that on such a wonderful day the sun decided to make a come back here in Oregon after a period of dark, gloomy days. The skies are clear, there’s movement in the trees – a joyful spring breeze dancing all around. For today is a reminder that we are a moment when compared to that of nature. The earth has been around for many more moons than any of us & we need to treat her with respect. It’s a sad state we’re in – pollution in the air, poison in our soil, contaminants in our water. And yet there is still so much beauty all around us. Today is a day to remember our planet & maybe even make a change for the better. Just one simple change to give back to Mother Nature. One simple change to contribute less wasted. You get in life what you give. We ask so much of our earth, but are you taking any steps to give back to her?

A+ Dinner


Nothing but positive reviews on tonight’s meal, my friends. The words “everything was excellent & perfectly cooked” flowed from the lips of my top critic. I planned a special dinner in honor of my parents’ anniversary that was this last weekend. And because I just like making a big deal out of dinner once in a while. Setting the table with nice dishes, lighting candles, freshly cut flowers, heck – even creating a menu card. Just because it’s fun. Food is delicious! Take the time to really experience your food & enjoy it. I know I did tonight.


Tonight’s dinner included:

Oven Roasted Herb Chicken with a Lemon-honey Glaze

Sautéed Ginger Carrot Ribbons

Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Lemon Bars with a Ginger Shortbread Crust