Cat Lady Status: The Beginning


You guys. I’m obsessed with my cats. If you haven’t seen them yet, check out my photography blog where I shared photos of them last month before beginning my campaign for find new homes. My babies are outdoor kitties – they were born in one of our stalls & I instantly fell in love . Naturally, they have become quite familiar with the property & enjoy exploring. They particularly like to visit the goats & use their pen as a giant litter box. It’s pretty adorable. But honestly, I think our relationship has reached the stage in which the term “cat lady” can be used freely. And these are my reasons why.

1. I think about them all the time. Most of it is wondering what they’re doing, if they’re comfortable, if they have enough food to eat. Whether or not they’ve ventured too far away and won’t be able to find their way home. If they’ve gotten hurt. 

2. I miss them the second they leave my sight. Even if we’re playing a game of chase the baling twine in the barn and they happen to run behind my legs – in that split second I can’t see them – seriously. It’s bad. 

3. I’ve smuggled them into the house just so I can snuggle with them. Cats aren’t allowed indoors…but my kittens aren’t just ANY joe-schmoe cats. They are three of the most adorable creatures that have ever lived. And they love snuggle time. Take that all you  tumblrs filled with adorable animal photos and GIFs. I don’t need you.   

4. I’m writing this post. 

5. Nearly all of my photos on my phone are of them. I look at them all the time. And I share them openly with my friends like a woman new to motherhood. Because babies are freaking cute, everyone. And we must look at them. All. The. Time. I’m so glad babies exist. All babies. Baby humans, baby animals. All babies are cute.

6. Look. At. Them.


Meet Cheese.  She loves to cuddle & is very mild-tempered. Not even Jack, our blue heeler, bothers her. Her favorite activity besides cuddling & sun bathing is following behind you wherever you go like a little shadow. Look at her itty-bitty paws! Eeeek!
Paws of Cheese


This is my sweet Turk.
His full name is Turkleton (after Donald Faison’s character on Scrubs – enjoy the clip).

He’s my adventure kitty. He loves to explore, climb, & jump, And he loves playing with baling twine. His favorite place to be is on my shoulders, cuddling with his mama. My heart gushes over just how stinking cute he is.

Turk & Pumpkins

And this…this is Octavia. Isn’t she gorgeous? I’ve kept her a bit of a secret because  she was one I planned on keeping from the start. She’s scared of everything. And is very picky about when cuddling is something she’s on board with. A lot of the time it’s not. But the boyfriend loves her. And so she definitely shall be his cat. At least she lets me take photos of her. Octavia

I should probably get a cat sweater soon. The End.