Bad Wolf: A Doctor Who Halloween


Halloween is just a few days away! Who is excited?!

Okay. So…Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I’m not a fan of the whole “being scared” ordeal any time of the year, but especially during the month of October. I can’t get on board with haunted corn maze “fun” or really anything that has the word “haunted” or “spooky” in the title. And forget about television – there’s always a horror film ad waiting to send me cowering under the covers with my ears plugged & eyes squeezed shut until those thirty seconds have finally passed. I just can’t do it. I’ve tried. But luckily, that’s not what October is all about. There are plenty of wonderful things that October brings with its crisp wind & changing colors. I love homemade pies, decorating the house with friendly pumpkins, candy corn, & tiny tissue ghosts, and anything pumpkin. Last week I made chicken enchiladas with a pumpkin sauce…my goodness it was delicious, thank you Martha. I love warming teas, knee high socks, and cozy scarves. Fall is a wonderful, wonderful time of the year.

Now back to Halloween! I’m spending the week down in Eugene with the boyfriend & our friends. So I actually had a reason for creating a costume this year! And I get to answer the door and see all the little truffles dressed up, too! I’m pretty excited. I am a huge fan of homemade costumes, and I haven’t purchased a costume from the store since the sixth grade. But I’ve never fully created my own costume from scratch before. And I’m pretty excited to share with you what I came up with.

We went to a party this last Friday & it was a great success. Here I am with my Doctor when we got home. (His suit jacket really wasn’t that short, I promise)

Doctor & TARDIS

My obsession for Doctor Who cannot be summed up with any amount of adjectives. My love, addiction, my complete enthrallment in what has become a culture of its own is far beyond anything described as a simple fandom. Never in my life have I loved any character as much as I love The Doctor. Never have I wept over the misfortunes of a character’s life, rejoiced in his triumphs, or longed to comfort him in the darkest of times. The entire staff of Doctor Who is beyond brilliant & to be a part of the creative team would be a dream come true. I am 100% Whovian.

So naturally, this year it was only right that I express my complete devotion to The Doctor by personifying his TARDIS. And naturally, the boyfriend would play my Doctor. I love all the Doctors, but I love David Tennant most. So my costume is influenced by the Tennant era. How could I not?

Tennant is Adorable

So here she is – my TARDIS costume.  My universe waistcoat is an altered thrifted linen blazer that I hand painted (a more in-depth post on just how I did that is on the way). My dress started out as a floor length velvet skirt. And my top hat was created from scratch. (Threadbanger has a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own mini hat!) I also found my blue shoes in nearly new condition at my local thrift store.  For my legs, I layered a pair of grey tights with a loose knit patterned tight over top. I created the “bad wolf” graffiti out of felt that I painted and hand-stitched it on. And I printed the police box door sign onto fabric to create a pocket. I curled my hair with a 1/4 inch barrel. It only took 3/4 of “The Mask of Zorro” to curl all my locks. The finishing touch was my house key turned TARDIS key hanging from my neck.

TARDIS costume-4TARDIS costumeTARDIS costume-2TARDIS costume-3