Earth Day


It’s amazing that on such a wonderful day the sun decided to make a come back here in Oregon after a period of dark, gloomy days. The skies are clear, there’s movement in the trees – a joyful spring breeze dancing all around. For today is a reminder that we are a moment when compared to that of nature. The earth has been around for many more moons than any of us & we need to treat her with respect. It’s a sad state we’re in – pollution in the air, poison in our soil, contaminants in our water. And yet there is still so much beauty all around us. Today is a day to remember our planet & maybe even make a change for the better. Just one simple change to give back to Mother Nature. One simple change to contribute less wasted. You get in life what you give. We ask so much of our earth, but are you taking any steps to give back to her?